Five on Friday

Is it really that time of the week again?? TGIF!!! It's been a great week here in Lex - busy, busy... and so ready for the weekend.   I'm linking up with the ladies today for 5 on Friday.  Hope you can join in! 

{One} New Mascara from Clinique.

I finally bit the bullet last sunday and cleaned out my make-up bag {more updates to come on that next week}, but I also picked up this lil kit from Clinique and I love the new mascara. I also got this great eye-liner and all about eyes... all wrapped up in a cute lil pouch. Great additions to my {now} slimmed up make-up collection. 

{Two} Porch Sittin' with our Fall Decor.

We have been soaking up the season this week - from fall parties to just hanging out on the back porch. I am loving being outside.... and enjoying the decor. It may be my favorite season when it comes to decorations. For anyone in the Lex area - these gorgeous mums came from Herman's

{Three} Cookie Butter.

O my! This stuff is amazing. Meg brought be a cute lil goodie basket on Saturday with this lil guy - and it's almost already gone after one week.  I think I like it best with ice-cream - but It's really great on everything, let's be real. 

{Four} My nieces playing sports. 

Emi is on the left, third on the top. Kenzie is on the right.

Growing up with two older brothers, I really didn't have a choice as to whether I played sports or not - it was more about which one and how good I could be, so I could play with the guys. I thank my parents every day for kicking us out the front door on nice days and letting us try every sport we wanted to.  ...and for the countless hours spent on road trips, tournaments, equipment, uniforms, banquets, you name it.  The Elleard home was busy. And I am so happy to see my brothers carrying on the traditions... even with my two nieces. Kenzie has been cheering since she was 4 and Emi just started soccer at age 3 - I love it!  They are so stinkin' cute! 

{Five} Soup Season. 

With our busy week came quick dinners this week. Luckily I had put away a couple meals for us to heat up during the week pretty quick.  Hubs pulled out a bag of chicken taco chili that we made months ago - it heated up so quick and tasted just like new! It inspired me to get to work on some more soups and stews we can have on the go, so we may be having some more chicken chili this weekend so I can bag some up for later.  The hubs also made us some homemade chicken stock this week - from his beer can chickens and I can't wait to put them to use.  The house smelled amazing - I can only imagine what it'll taste like in a soup. 

Happy Friday!  We are here this weekend - enjoying a full cadet parade this afternoon at VMI, maybe some brews at Blue Lab after, and a nice weekend of weather! Not to mention my Auburn Tigers and J's Western Carolina Catamounts will be squaring off for AU Homecoming tomorrow - so much fun. I can't wait!

xo, trace


  1. Ha! I KNEW you'd share my love of the cookie butter! Which reminds me...I need to make a TJ run for some more this weekend! And I'm so glad it's soup season! I was just telling Matt how I wanted to make lentil and kale soup this weekend. We should start a new blog link-up entitled "The Soup Series" and swap out recipes each week. Whadda say? TGIF!!!

  2. Oh my goodness, I need to try cookie butter with ice cream! I usually end up eating it on pretzels...and then sometimes double dipping, oops. First time visitor to your blog! Have a wonderful weekend :-)

    1. Agreed on the pretzels - the perfect combo! Thanks for following!

  3. hey girlie!!! found you on the linkup...so happy to be a new follower. yay!!! you are presh. girl, i'm loving the mums on the porch too. and that cookie butter...ugh!...i NEED to try it. talk about YUM!

    happy friday and happy WEEKEND!!! :)


    1. Thank you! Happy to have you following along. Happy Monday!