Fall Decorating & Weekend Fun

Is it Monday already? How is it that the weekends fly by so quickly? We spent the weekend soaking up the warm rays and visiting with great friends! Friday for date night, J and I scoped out some live music in town... Blue Lab first for a brew and then Sweet Treats for more live tunes and bevs.

Love that the galleries come together for an art walk and live music the first Friday of every month. It's a nice change o' pace for small town Lex. We squeezed into the bar at Bistro for an amazing dinner amongst the parents weekend crowd. 

Butternut Squash for me and Catfish over cheese grits for J. Such great food!

Saturday was Wine Festival! M&M came to play and soak up the day with us. Check out some cute pics on her blog today.  So much fun hanging out with you guys - as always!

Sunday J and I finished up the fall decorating, so I could share with you all on my blog.  

Happy Fall Y'all!! 

Jesse surprised me with mums and pumpkins from Herman's on Saturday and Sunday we completed our decorating with my favorite fall candles. Thanks Wally World for your fabulous candles.

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. The rain moved through this morning and it's GORGEOUS out today. Ready for a run after work already... 

xo, trace 

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