Five on Friday

Happy Friday Folks!! Who else is pumped for the weekend... cause this girl is!  I am headed {as I type this} to Charleston, South Carolina to visit with one of my BESTIES for the weekend! I can't wait to hug her cute lil pregnant neck! I think it will also confirm in my mind that she is really expecting - and not just some crazy dream... for some reason it just doesn't seem real yet. Anyhoots - I'm linking up with the girls today for Five on Friday. Here's my Five on Friday for today...

{one} TJ Maxx Online

Maxxinistas - time to rejoice, TXMaxx online is up and running.  I am very shocked at how little I have heard about this... very few rumblings about... but it is defiantly LIVE!

{two} My NEW soap dish

Sorry for the blurry pic, but I picked up this lil guy last weekend in downtown. I needed a dish to allow my new fun soaps to breathe... And not sit in a puddle of water. 

{three} Label Makers

I know I am incredibly late jumping on this band-wagon, but I finally ordered a label maker for our office this week and it makes me SO giggly just thinking about everything I can label!  
...I already tested it out on my tissue box, love it.

{four} Jessie Curls

I received a sample of Jelly Soft Curls in the last Birchbox I received - and y'all, I'm hooked! It makes my hair so soft and my curls look awesome - no ramen noodle head here!  
You can order a free sample here - but don't wait, the bottle is on sale now for $14. 

{five} The Southern Ground Music Festival

We have tickets for our first Southern Ground Festival tomorrow in Charleston! I'm super pumped for good southern food and great music!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

xo, trace


  1. Just ordered me up 2 free samples of Jelly Soft Curls...I can't wait to try it...this COULD be my breakthrough! Have a blast this weekend and tell the Hatch's hello! Safe travels:)

  2. I need a label maker!!!

    Have SUCH a great weekend friend!