Update on "The List" - 113 days to 30

Well folks, we are T-minus 113 days to my 30th and we still have some work to do on the 30b430 list. Meg updated us on hers... and she is doing a mighty good job, I must say.  I decided I would do a quick update on my own. It's coming along... we have no plans to make it on any of these big trips on the list, but that's what the 30th year is for, right?

So, here we have it: my 30 before 30 Bucket List and the updates:

1. Take a design class - purchased. Still need to take it. haha
2. Visit the BVI's
3. Make a t-shirt quilt with old t-shirts
4. Brush-up on my Spanish {so I can understand my niece & nephew}
5. Start a blog
6. Plant a Garden
7. Go fishing with my dad - On tap for Labor Day!
8. Visit Uniontown, PA
9. Finish our Honeymoon scrapbook
10. Purchase nice jeans for myself. Fall. I swear. 
11. Join Life Loyal AOII
12. Complete our china for 8!  Picking up two more salad plates Labor Day... so close. :) 
13. Finish the Harry Potter trilogy. on book 5, still getting there... but I started! 
14. Visit MASS with the Lyons'
15. Start Recycling!
16. Take a class in Sewing {in person, online or read a book}
17. Run a race with Jesse {a 5K will do!} - Autumn Ridge 5K & Shamrock Run
18. Grind my own coffee
19. Take a dance class - on the books with Suz at Halestone. 
20. Hike House Mountain
21. Throw a {hopefully Mango} baby shower - Ok, so this one is super fun... I threw my Sister a baby shower in June and in the same weekend found out a Mango is preggo! I can't wait... so I may get to host 2 before 30. 
22. Go snow-skiing...ummm
23. Order our wedding album... it's just so pricey. I do have a quote.
24. Bake a cake from scratch
25. Purchase a home computer/iPad... this was was in the plan, but now since work is buying me an iPad, it may have to wait. Who needs two ipads? This may get crossed off in a couple weeks. 
26. Visit NYC at Christmas time! 
27. Pick apples from an Apple Farm.
28. Buy a piece of pottery {Did this one yesterday!}
29. Pay off my after College CC. I am SO close.  Like, hope to have it done by November too!
30. Give the Jeepster AC. Done! {I must admit, this was originally to get rid of the jeepster, then we got real and said...let's just fix the AC}

What a crazy week it has been... traveling, meetings, lunches, festival planning... I'm so ready for the weekend/Sunday to be here. Saturday is our local Community Festival and I am in charge {why do I do these things to myself -ha} Let's just say it has been really, really fun... and we have had a great time planning - but I am ready for it to be here!!

Last night, J and I did enjoy yummy Burgers at a local spot, Pure Eats. It was my first time having dinner... and it was SUPER delish. I would recommend a stop-in in your future. 

Off to Walk n Wobble with the gals... I need some sunshine and chatter in my life! 

xo, trace

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  1. I would like to join you for #20! Maybe we can plan a group hike for the weekend of wine fest??? AND I'm uber jealous about #19...would give anything to do that with you and Suz! What kind of class are you going to take???