Welcome to Walk-n-Wobble!  

A new Lexington tradition that we started last month. On Wednesday nights {sometimes every week and sometimes every other} we decided it would be fun to get a group of gals to together to walk... and then wobble!  Many thanks to a long walk with Miss Kelly J one September afternoon, we decided to start the tradition. We've had girls' nights off and on, but usually revolving around the Bachelor/Bachelorette season - which, is always highly entertaining - but kinda got old. We have a pretty active group of girls, so we wanted to incorporate some type of exercise into our night. So, the idea was born...

The group varies... we have mommas, soon-to-be mommas, babies, puppies, newly-weds and singles {or one single lady}! We meet at 6, walk for an hour... usually 3-4 miles, and then head back to someones house for snacks and wobblin', a.k.a. wine!

Yesterday, we had a small group of 5.  We had a beautiful fall walk and celebrated a birthday too!

I love getting to catch up with friends, old and new, and just have some girl time during the week!

Cheers to many more Walk-n-Wobbles!  

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