5 on Friday


Who else is excited for the weekend!!  This is my first weekend in town in over a month, so I personally and SUPER pumped!  Looking forward to catching up with good friends and enjoying Lexington. I thought I'd share some thing I'm loving this week, so here's my 5 on Friday.

{one} Sugar Cubes. 

I know this is very random. But, this has been one of my new favorite items to have on hand. They are so cute - and give me the perfect serving of sugar. No guessing how much is in your tablespoon - two sugar cubes gives me the perfect amount of sweetness to start my mornings off right!

{two} The Sam & Libby collection at Target.

I practically lived in Sam & Libby flats as a child. Those cute little ballet slippers with bows on the top. Yep, those are them. Well S&L have come a long way since the 80's... check out the new collection at Target! They are also on super sale right now - stop by your closest Target today and stock up before they are all gone. I am also excited to see what they have in store for Fall this year.

{three} Kara's Party Designs.

I stumbled across Kara's website after a good friend of mine, Stephanie Maxey, was featured on her blog for EK's 3rd b-day. EK's party was SUPER adorable and so very thoughtful, just like Steph. Be sure and check it out: "You are my Sunshine Party." Also, Kara posts the best ideas for parties... fun, creative and crafty. Just how I like them!!

{four} Under the Dome.

Who else is hooked on NBC's latest show, Under the Dome? The hubs read Stephen King's novel a while back and was excited to watch the show, so I obliged and now... I'm hooked. I can't wait to see what happens next week!

{five} Sam Adams Long-shot Brews.

Every summer Sam Adams hosts America's Longshot Home brew Contest. Where employees and those at home compete to have their home brew bottled and distributed in a six pack. Each year, they select one employee and two home brewers from thousands of entries. This year, my favorite is the Strawberry Lager... it's close to Abita Strawberry, light, crisp and refreshing!

Wishing you all a fun-filled weekend ahead!

xo, trace


  1. Me! Me! Im excited for the weekend.... and I tried to follow the dome but I am having trouble with it.... I know its a Stephen King book, but really! I can't figure things out!

  2. Sugar cubes are wayyyy underrated! I love when I go somewhere that serves them. I want some to keep at my house - where do you get yours?

    1. Our local Kroger actually stocks them! Bottom shelf of the sugar on the baking aisle. :)

  3. I've been meaning to watch Under the Dome but haven't been able to catch it yet. It looks fascinating!

  4. I didn't know Target had a Sam and Libby line! Sam Edelman shoes are my favorite and I even have a pair of Libby Edelman's I love too! I'll have to check out the line!