Weekends at Home

They same Home is Where the Heart Is... and sometimes just a good ole dose of {being at} home makes for the best lil weekend.  It has been over a month since we {both} woke up in our own bed on Saturday morning... cooked breakfast, went for a long run through town and enjoyed a lil bit of Lex. So that is just what we did this weekend.

KJ was visiting - so we also hit our favorite hot spots throughout the weekend. We started the weekend at Devils Backbone for Happy Hour. They have a great new front porch with awesome views of the Valley. Good times with great friends!

Drinks were followed by dinner at Southern Inn. Always a good choice. The Fried Chicken never disappoints!  Saturday we slept-in {yay} and ran a long 5K through Lex. It was Blake's First birthday party that afternoon. Kelli did such a cute job with the party and Blake really enjoyed his cake...

KJ and I posed for a pic in the front parking lot - check out the view! Amazing.  
Miss you already, friend! 

Sunday was a little adventurous. We dropped KJ at the tiny lil airport in Weyer's Cave, Virgina - which ironically is where FFA was founded. Who knew?  We stopped and marked the occasion with a pic at the commemorative sign below. 

Next stop was Barron Ridge Vineyards for some good laughs and a lil vino with M&M. They were actually hosting a fundraiser for the MaDee Project, so we joined in on the fun - complete with a band and arts & crafts fair. Catching up with these two is always just the best - times seems to fly by and it's never enough. We also realized just how lucky we are to live where we do - there are so many beautiful things to see throughout the Virginia countryside. Each time we discover something new - it energizes us to see more!  Thanks for taking part in our adventures, Matt & Meg!

Sunday we always try to have Sunday Supper at the table, with a full meal to start the week out on a happy note. This time it was even better - because J got to cook on our new patio!!  It's still a work in progress, but I promise to give you the play by play on the blog here soon.

We finally have some veggies popping up in the garden... late bloomers, I suppose. 

BBQ Chicken, Grilled Green Beans, Chopped Spinach Salad

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! I am gearing up for Recruitment season and Community Festival in 2 weeks. I can't believe it's August. Man o' Man. Where have you gone 2013? 

Happy Monday!

xo, trace

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  1. I've come to cherish our weekends at home too since they've been so few and far between! Thanks for a great little Sunday Funday...wish we had more time together! Have a great week:)