Tasty Tuesday: Quinoa & The Cheese Shop

Meet Quinoa, the super {yummy} food!  I know most all of you probably eat more quinoa on a regular bases than we do, but welcome to small town USA... it's so hard to find here. However, meet the Cheese Shop in Stuarts Draft, Va.

I have blogged about my love for this cheese shop before, but more about the cheese and less about the rest this great store has to offer. My co-worker and I stopped on the way home from a workshop in C'ville for his first trip to the cheese shop. It may be a 20 minute drive for us, but it's totally worth every penny! Dry goods, spices, cheeses, meets, candies.... that crazy spice you can't even pronounce... that random grain some healthy recipe calls for. Yep! They have them all.  Just to give you an idea...

These guys stacked up to less than $2.50. Garlic salt, garlic pepper and paprika. 

They also have random items... 

Like lucky charms mellows.
 I couldn't believe it when I saw it... And they were only $1! 

Have I mentioned the deals on cheese?? We enjoyed a variety at girls night last week, for less than $10! 

Other steals.. Wasabi peas for $1.05, alphabet pasta for $2.13... And lots of quinoa! In general, quinoa is pricey, but here it's around $1 for one cup. One bag feeds the 2 of us 2-3 meals. 

Last night we tried a delicious recipe for black bean quinoa.

So yummy! What's your favorite quinoa recipe? There are so many to pick from I can never decide! 

Meanwhile, we've been soaking up the final days of summer... And enjoying the outdoors. Last night, I enjoyed the new Southern Living while the hubs cut grass. O the joys of summer! 

One more day in the office... Until I head south for the Labor Day weekend... Beach, boat, and family reunion. Woo hoo! 

What's on tap for your holiday weekend? Hope it involves some fun in the sun!

xo, trace

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  1. There are so many ways to do quinoa! I've found a mediterrianean (sp?) flavor that I add cherry tomatoes, basil and feta to that we love. Matt is more of a couscous fan but he'll eat whatever I make:) Where did you get those cheese labels from???