Lilly Summer Sale

I know all of you Lilly lovers had a great week... it was the Lilly End of Summer Sale! I must say, Monday morning when I logged-in to find this...

I was really sad. 

What a clever idea though... those Lilly folks, they know how to keep it playful.

They had a decent selection this year, however, not a great as last years' sale. Last year, racked-up on shorts and jeans for $19... skits and dresses for $29-$39 and bathing suites for $9.  This year, there wasn't much less than $44 for shorts... $49 for dresses, etc. I guess that folks at Lilly figured out that they don't have to drop the prices to low in order for people to buy, buy. buy!  I certainly helped the Lilly craze.

I am excited with my purchases. Three cute dresses and a mint green pair of jeans. 

What did you buy at the Lilly summer sale?  

Now,  I need a couple fun places to get in at least one wear before the fall hits. That should be another list I need to get started on... Fall will be here before we know it!

Cheers. It's almost the weekend!

xo, trace

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