Fashion: From Misses to Mrs.

Is it just me, or does anyone else suddenly feel 13 when they put on anything too short, too tight, too low... too crazy... you get the picture. I'm stuck in their weird funk, where I feel like just about everything in my closest screams "let's go take shots" or  "belly dancin' - sign me up".  I know it sounds silly... but I am here. Stuck in between the Misses and Mrs. Is anyone with me?  I'm about to pack up duffle bags full of dresses and ship them to my niece who just started her first day of high school {there's another one for feeling old} and start over. Maybe it also has something to do with the big 3-0 looming in the not so distant future that has me re-thinking my outfits and hemlines. But I'm in need of some new staples to the closet.

I'm not really into following fashion trends... but I'll try them if they are cute. These are some of my favorites I'm thinking for fall:

Black cropped pants and chic booties.

Classic Sheath Dresses.

Peplum Tops. 

Mxi Dresses. via.

Another confession... I used to be a Today Show fan, but the hubs has switched me over to GMA. {It may have to do with one of the anchors being a KA} I have started to love Lara Spencer - especially her outfits - she is one classy momma. Her necklines and statement necklaces are the best, today she wore a beautiful green one, but here are some other favorites:

New statement necklaces. 

Let the packing begin. Here's to new to new fall trends... and longer hemlines I suppose! :)

xo, trace


  1. I totally know what you are talking about!! I went through my closet and threw lots of things in my "eventual yard sale" pile that I used to LOVE, but now just aren't flattering anymore! I think our taste just gets a bit more classy! ;)

  2. Love a classic sheath dress...and when paired with a cardigan/different accessories I would imagine it to be quite versatile! As for the black crops/booties...not sure how I feel about that look but I'm sure you could pull it off as well as anyone! Great post:)