Our trip to Maker's Mark and other Fall Fun

Happy October!

The best part of October.... it actually feels like fall! Time to break out the cardigans, scarves and booties. I can't wait. To re-cap our long weekend.

We left Thursday night after work and drove to Lexington, KY. We made it in five hours solid, with one stop - Micky D's for Miss Annalee's first happy meal. Well, sorta. I ate her cheeseburger and most of her fries.... and she had the apple slices, milk and a couple nuggets from her Dad. I think she loved the box the most. PS - How precious are the little fry boxes?
First Happy Meal
On Friday morning, the little one and I went for a long walk and grabbed some coffee at Daily Offerings Coffee Roastery, while the hubs did a couple hotel site visits. This place was so cute. Annalee loved the cool seats.

We packed up from the hotel around 10:30 and headed for Maker's Mark, where we had reserved our tours to dip a bottle of bourbon from our barrel that finally matured. Side note, if you're not an Ambassador, you should be. Christmas presents every year and your name goes on a barrel. After 6-7 years, you get to visit and dip a bottle, or two, from your barrel. Such great customer service - and talk about a way to create brand loyalty.

OK, back to our road trip. We took a tour, dipped our bottles, took a special visit to the Heritage Room to see a KA plaque for the hubs, and got a private golf cart ride to the car... which was needed for our box of bourbon we purchased. It was so cool. And totally worth the drive.

This was just after spying Jerry Jones drive by on a golf cart... he was there to purchase a Private Select barrel for the Cowboy's stadium. He even gave Annalee a little nod hello! 
We hit the road back to lex around 2:30, making a couple more stops this time. This gal was a great road-tripper and we made it back to Lex around 9pm.
Even though Saturday was October 1 we finished off a couple items from the September to-do list, installing new blinds in the bedroom and spending the afternoon at a vineyard.  It was Rockbridge Vineyard's Harvest festival - complete with grape stopping and hayrides.
That afternoon we got a sitter and had a fun date night hopping around town.We enjoyed dinner at the Southern Inn, followed by drinks at the Bistro, TAPs, Macado's and the Palms. A little bar-hopping around town was the perfect date night!
It also made for a lazy Sunday... watching FreeForm? Who even knew that was a channel? I guess that's what the sitter was watching, so when I turned on the TV Sunday, it was on. We proceeded to watch The Perfect Man, Failure to Launch and How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days... while napping and meal planning. It was the perfect lazy Sunday.

Did I mention my shirts arrived from Shein? They are so cute! I'm so excited for a new fall wardrobe.

Cheers to October friends! Looking forward to a great month ahead. Stay tuned for our October bucket list coming to the blog tomorrow.