Our Little Lamb

Annalee wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Halloween!!! 
Our little lamb loves her costume! 

We will be trick-or-treating downtown today and then hanging out at the house after. I bought some candy... just in case we get a couple trick-or-treaters. Usually kids don't wonder that far down the street to see us. At least we have some candy to eat ourselves, right? 
Check out her fluffy little tail!!

Today is also our 'dateiversary'! Our first date was 9 years ago on Halloween. How fun, right? 
Pumpkin Throwbacks ~ 2008  |  2010  |  2012

I wish we had a picture from that night... but, I'm pretty sure I still had a flip phone in 2007. It was certainly a memorable night though. I lived in Richmond at the time, and Jesse drove over from Lexington. I cooked my mom's famous stuffed pork tenderloin, twice baked potatoes and green beans. A far cry from the hotdogs and chili we will be cooking tonight. {They say the way to a man's heart is through his belly, right?  I guess it worked!} We left the garlic bread in the oven and burnt it {the first of many times that has happened over the years} and Jesse brought a bottle of Meritage from Horton Vineyards, the first time I ever drank red wine. It was such a memorable night. We didn't have a single trick-or-treater, but enjoyed a big bowl of reese's and snickers. Happy 9 years, love! I can't wait to share many more bowls of candy with you.  

Have a wonderful Halloween!! 

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