Our Annual trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Year #2 was a success!  It was 95 degrees, there were zeros good pumpkins left in the patch, and the crowds were nuts. Did I mention it was 95 degrees outside? OK, maybe 80, but it was hot.

Sounds terrible, right? But it was far from. It was the BEST day!!

Annalee was happy as could be trotting around the pumpkin patch and playing ring-around-the-rosie with Mary Mac. Stopping to pose with a couple pictures and heading back to the tasting room, so the adults could enjoy some ice cold Cider. Did I mention it was HOT??
Last year it was freezing... we drank hot apple cider and ate warm doughnuts. This year we chugged crisp Bold Rock Cider and watched the 5 kiddos {and two babies} toss bean bags.


We may not have left with a pumpkin, but we did get some great pictures and left with a bag of apples, which made Miss Annalee very happy.
After the patch, we headed over to the Hollomon's for some tasty chili and playtime.
They did have fun, despite the look on their faces.

It was a perfect Sunday! Now it's time for a trip to Herman's for some pumpkins.... 

Cheers friends!

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