It's Fri-YAY! I have been knee-deep in work this week prepping for a big event at work on Saturday. It should be a great time - but we are certainly ready for it to be over. Isn't that always the case??

We had a great little St. Patty's Day. Since it was a feast day, we started the day with Pure Eats doughnuts - and it was so worth it. They are pretty much crack.

Annalee had a big day at mi-mi's, complete with a first birthday party for one of her friends, Liana. Last night we attended a work event for mom - but managed to squeeze in a little photo shoot when we got home. Thanks to her god momma she was decked out.
Things look a little different than 2013, 2014, and 2015. But we wouldn't have it any other way. We have the cutest little leprechaun to entertain us at home.

I bought the most adorable little Boxwood Topiary for our island. 
Only $12.99 at Target and 10% off right now with code EASTER.

Speaking of Target, has anyone else seen the Happy By Pink Chicken collection for babies and kids?

One word. Adorable.

They have a BOGO sale going on right now too, buy one get one half off. A must since they are on the pricy side for kids clothes, from Target.

I'm so excited for Easter season - flowers, bunnies, long days and cool nights. The season of growth and happiness, new beginnings and baskets full of candies. 

We didn't watch much tv growing up - I can maybe recount 5 shows on my hand. But, we did get to watch classics for the holidays. The Funny Little Bunnies was my absolute favorite Easter "movie" as a kid. I'm pretty sure our copy was recorded from tv and is on a casset tape, but lucky for me - and you - it's on YouTube. We played it for Annalee this morning after breakfast, and she loved it! Her giggles make my heart smile. 

I'm always searching for new clean eating recipes, and this one is on-point. The perfect summer salad. Strawberry Avacado Couscous Salad with Lime Vinagerette. Yum!

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That's all folks. I'm off to set up our silent auction for tomorrow night... lots of goodies to be hand! 


  1. Dying for the ice cream cone bubble and that watermelon dress!

    Have fun at your auction!

  2. Such a cutie.