Goodbye to 204!

It's moving week! I can barely believe that it's finally here. We have been working overtime the past week to get things ready... and they are slowly getting there. The painters will finish up this week and the last of the move is Saturday. I'm super pumped about more space, room for visitors, and all the new fun renovations. But, I'm kinda bittersweet about leaving my cute little house. It's been my first house to have on my own and it's been our first home as a married couple.  It's held so many fun parties and gatherings. I'm going to miss the creative stacking, filing, and hiding away all our goods.  

It's been fun 204. We'll miss you!!! 

This is a sweet anniversary gift my sister-in-law. Girl is crazy talented!! 
I can't way to hang this on the all in our new Lyons' Den.

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  1. What fun memories were had at the original "Lyon's Den!" I remember when you had us over for dinner one night in February 2010 along with the Hastings who we met for the first time. That was just the beginning of many gatherings over delicious food and the making of many fabulous friendships. Not to mention the occasional late-night or "4th quarter" gathering that always ended with too much wine, bourbon and plenty of laughs!