A Day in Charleston

I hope Mother's Day was filled with lots of love for all those momma's out there.  We love you so dearly and appreciate all you do! Here's a throw-back to my momma and I, circa 1984.

Isn't she so stylish? Love you Momma! 

I'm back from a wonderful quick trip to the Carolina's. I had a brief work trip to Columbia on Thursday/Friday and enjoyed getting to explore a new city. They have a super cool downtown and a few fabulous hotels that I toured for work. The campus is pretty neat too. I didn't get many pictures while I was there, but it was a good trip. Friday evening I joined the hubs in charleston for his work trip. We enjoyed a delicious meal at Virginia's and bevs out on the town Friday night. Saturday I had the day to myself to explore, and explore I did! 

Here's to a day in Charleston!

I started the day at the Farmer's Market downtown and picked up some neat digs. Great veggies, arts and crafts, and lots of tasty treats. 

I came home with a few treasures: Carolina peaches, a jar of pineapple-habanero jelly, cafe con leche, a cinnamon-sugar pretzel for breakfast, and milk soap. If I could have, I would have loaded up a cooler full of veggies and brought them home. Dang you 7-hour drive home. You Charleston gals are so lucky, I'd be there every week!! 

Next, I took a nice jog down to the battery and explored all the beautiful streets and homes in charleston! Every house has so much character. I could have spent hours soaking them all in, but it was a beautiful day and the beach was calling my name! I packed up my bags and headed to Sullivan's island to get my toes in the sand. 

It was a gorgeous day and the perfect much-needed relaxation time on the beach. After hitting up the TJMaxx and Homegoods in Mt. Pleasent {I couldn't resist}, I showered and headed to the downtown market for a few treasures before they closed. I scored this adorable "oyster santa ornament" to add to our collection and replaced my favorite pearl ring that I broke a few weeks back. 

That evening, I joined the guys for another fabulous dinner at Lana's on Rutledge. Again, so amazing. 
We polished off the trip with some cocktails at the Veranda and a long night of rest - much needed after a few days of go-go-go.  We're back for 24 hours before we head off on another work venture to Baltimore and ATL. 

Hope all those Mother's out there had a fabulous day!

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