Five on Friday

Hope everyone has had a great week. Mine flew by... But not without lots of excitement. 

{one} I'm loving my Sweets! Especially this mango pineapple yogurt from Kroger. O my! It's delicious. 

{two} ClingWrap Dispensers! J's mom gave this cute guy to me for Easter and I am in love... Been wanting one of these suckers for years. So pumped!

{three} The Spring flowers are everywhere! After 5 years in VA, I'm still in awe of the wild blooms all over town.

{four} Furnature shopping has begun for the new house and I am loving it! How about this adorable table from Circa in C'ville? 

{five} Sweet Haus Cupcakes may be my new favorite treat spot! I picked up some of these sweet treats for some of my favorite Lexington gals' birthdays. 

Happy Friday ladies! Linking up with the girls for Five on Friday. 

We have a big weekend of renovations ahead for this girl. So excited to see things coming to life at our new place! 

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