Five on Friday

Happy GOOD Friday!  It's a good Friday indeed. We made it down to NC last night and are happy to be enjoying a lazy weekend in the mountains with the Lyons!  We are heading up to Highlands tonight to enjoy a nice dinner and see the sights - I am certainly looking forward to a delicious fish dinner! Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend. Today for my five on Friday I thought I would update you on this weeks' happenings, since my blogging has been MIA.  

{one} Easter goodies for the kiddos. These boxes should arrive today in Alabama - a box of stuffed eggs, treats and a few books, pencils and games. 

{two} Last weekend the Braddick's hosted a fabulous crawfish boil. Kara pulled out all the stops with themed decor, the perfect beverages, hay bails for a late night fire, and 50lbs. of crawdads - good for the soul!  We had the most amazing weather and great times with friends! 

{three} Painting has begun! This was the color of the front bedroom when I began... I only got one coat of white up this week, but hoping to get number 2 up on Monday and then move on to the stripes. 
Can't wait to see the progress. 

{four} Love these Lilly sunglass straps. I refrained from buying them for myself when I was picking up goodies for Mrs. Elaine, but they are on the top of my wish list for summer! 

{five} My Easter dress story. Ha! I was so excited about my purple easter dress this year and the adorable yellow flowered necklace from Anthro... and about an hour down the road I realized that it was still hanging on my door - right where I left it after I took this picture. {ugh} Of all the things I could have left... it was the one thing I actually needed. So, naturally we found an Old Navy right off the interstate and I picked up dress and necklace number two - which is pretty cute too!  Love me some Easter Sunday Mass - so of course, I have to have a new dress. :) 

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Happy Easter weekend everyone!


  1. That crawfish boil looks so fun!!

    I'm in Richmond, but my boyfriend graduated from VMI in '09! Lexington is a cool place!

  2. So fun! Lexington is such a neat little town. We love it! Thanks for following along.