5 on Friday

Happy Friday Friends!! I dunno about you guys - but this busy week flew by for us. I can't believe it's already the weekend... but I am SO looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. Thought I would share some of the things I'm lovin' this week! 

{one} Dannon Blends Greek Yogurt 
We are big fans of greek yogurt and like trying new brands... most of which we love. But, I'm going to be honest and put it out there - Chobani is not my fav. I know, I know...  believe me, anytime I ever open my mouth to share how I really feel - I get the 3rd degree... and I almost feel embarrassed. But, it's true. I actually can't stomach it and the only time it's in the fridge is if the hubs does the grocery shopping. But this - Dannon Blends - my new fav!  My favorite has been the Banana Cream... and I love the Key Lime Pie for a snack.

{two} Mango Nails

Sometimes, I'm more inclined to pick up $1.97 shade of new nail color on a whim, rather than pay $10 for a bottle I only use once. This week I picked up this fun shade, without even looking at the name - only to get home and realize It's Mighty Mango!  ...and I love it! I'm not willing the let the summer colors slip away just yet.

{three} Adobe Captivate

One of my 30b30 goals was to take a class -preferably in design. Well, I am going to say I crossed that one off the list this week. I took a one-night crash course in Adobe Captivate this week... and have spent all my free hours glued to this program. It's actually really fun!

{four} The Chirp

Who doesn't love fun items to add to your bar? I picked up this lil guy at the store to go with a bottle of vino for a friend.... and loved it so much, I finally bought me one. I picked up a couple more to keep for gifts too - the perfect compliment to a good bottle of vino!

{five}  It's Friday the 13th! 

What a great day! It's not only Friday... but its' the 13th! Now, I'm a 13 girl - so any day of the month that also happens to be the 13th is a good one - but also Friday's. I wasn't born on a Friday, but I did turn 13 on Friday the 13th and... will turn 30 on Friday the 13th... in 3 months. eeekkk!!! Thanks for the pic Liz - good to know others like the 13th just as much as me!!

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!!  I'll be working... but here in Lex. So, YAY! 



  1. Love my Chirp! And the Dannon Greek has replaced the Kroger Lite brand in our fridge...probably for good:) Happy weekend, friend! xoxo