Dottie Do!

Happy Hump Day folks! I started my morning with the first pumpkin spice K-cup of the year... so this girl is HAPPY!! Today is also a very special friends 29th Birthday - and I couldn't go without giving her a shout-out on the blog.

Dottie, HAPPY 29th my friend! Cheers to a great year ahead... I know we have so many more special memories ahead of us, but looking over the past 11 has been pretty fun for me today... and reminds me of how much I cherrish our friendship!

Mardi Gras... Engagements... Halloweens...and Mangos.

B'ette parties.... SupperClub.... Limo rides.. and Wedding showers.

Taking such good care of the grandparents... and always keeping an eye on my hubs. ;)

So many weddings and random road trips.... with Bourbon and even a few horses.

We love all the road trips with you guys and look forward  to so many more fun memories ahead. I love you Dottie and don't know what I would do without you! I hope you have a wonderful day today  and a very happy last year of your twenties. 

xo, trace

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