The Perfect kind of Weekend

I'm going to have to agree with Daffodil's today - it was the perfect kind of weekend...

Maybe it was the chill in the air,
or our first game day at home,
or an Auburn win!
Or good food, great friends and a low-key nights... 
it was really just the perfect kind of weekend! 

Friday after work we had drinks on the back porch of Mulberry... and watched a beautiful sunset turn the sky 50 perfect shades of Autumn!  We had dinner out, at Southern Inn with a few great friends... and met-up with a few more friends for drinks after. 

We slept in Saturday morning and enjoyed a big Saturday brunch, while watching Game Day! 

We ventured out around noon to meet some friends tailgating for the VMI game - and we stayed for the first quarter of the game... it was super cool to watch the cadets march into the stadium. 

I'm loving getting to see other stadiums and enjoy new game day traditions. Two down and we're only 3 weeks in!

Saturday night, I made crock-pot pulled pork, that turned out pretty tasty {for as simple as it was}. 

We enjoyed a fun game day at Moore Street and a great Auburn game-ending drive to top off the night! 

Sunday, we got up early for a nice run before mass - the cool crisp air felt great!! Mass was packed - which I love - school is defiantly back in session, and I just love seeing the families and kids meddling around after church. We have a very small Catholic community here in Lex, but build so solid! 

Sunday we did meal planning, grocery shopping- and J fixed some odds and ends around the house while I got started on my crafties!  Here's a sneak peak.. 

Sunday night we attended the 20th Anniversary of the Rockbridge Area Health Clinic {formally the free clinic} that provides free and low-cost healthcare to those in need. The Jaycees support the RAHC through our Thanksgiving Day run and we cook meals for the doctors that donate their time to the clinic.  It's great to have such a thriving place right here in Rockbridge County to help those in need - and we love being a part of it!

Sunday Supper was simple grilled chicken and spicy couscous... With a delicious tomato/mozzarella/basil salad on the side. I forgot to snag a pic, but it was scrumptious. 

Looking forward to another week ahead at home, with lots of crafting to be done! 

Happy Fall Y'all! 

Picked up this guys at the DG on Friday {you would think I was a Chi Omega if you didn't know better}, love these cute lil guys! 

xo, trace 

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  1. That is a perfect kind of weekend!
    How awesome was that last drive?? If only we could play like that all game. I love that your day centered arouns football too.

    And to answer your question about the kiwi crate, Bennett just turned two in june amd he was totally into it!