Mango 2013

Happy Sunday! Sorry for being MIA the last week... It's be a busy, but fun 10 days. I've been on 7 planes {one more standing in the way of me and home}, had 3 rental cars, been in 4 states and spent only 3 nights in my own bed. Only 3 nights at home this week too... but the travels have been really fun. I got a good does of girlfriend time in, a short day with the fam, one craft night at home, lots of work and some exciting adventures. It went a lil bit like this....

MANGOFEST 2013 was a blast. We ate, drank, slept, swam, bounced in waves, did lots of porch sitting, a lil bit of hot-tubin, lots of talking and laughed a a ton. I feel so lucky to have a great group of girlfriends who I love to pieces! They are the best dose of feel-good medicine anyone could really have. This is a just a preview of Mango 2013, along with some new finds that I wanted to share on the blog...

The acrylic stem-less wine glasses you see in all our pics are my new obsession! Perfect for the beach or back yard BBQ. They are already on the wish-list for when the new patio is complete.  I'm already thinking about the fall and how we can get a TV outside to watch some football with one in my hand.

We also made several yummy Mommy- mock tails using this delicious La Croix. So good! I am going to have to add this one to my cart... if I can find it in Virginia! It's really great with a lime too! {or rum for us non-mommies to be}

I also found some great summer cocktails to try!
Ale and Sydo got me hooked on some new lip balm.
Syd got us all great drink holders for the beach. I used the Cricut to put on names on them... lets just say that some turned out better than others. ha!
All in all it was a great girls trip! I even got  to sneak in a visit with these cuties..... hoping that I would have gotten to meet their new baby sis. But she decided to take her sweet time. She will be my next blog, say stay tuned!
xo, trace

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  1. The tanks look adorable. Glad ya'll had fun!!!