My Lilly Planner

Happy Hump Day!! We have had such a beautiful week - it's hard to believe it's already Wednesday.  I could use this weather every week - so motivating to get outside, exercise, drink apple cider, cook yummy meals and soak up the beauty of the day! Ok, enough about the weather... on to my hot topic of today - my Lilly Planner.

I went with the first one, however - sailing was tempting!

Every school year, I take the plunge into scouting out a new planner. Last year, I discovered the fun prints that Lilly had to offer.... and caved. This year, I upped the annie and went for the jumbo planner. Y'all. This thing is AWEsome!! I'm already in love!

Highlight #1 - Stickers. 

Highlight #2 - Laminated Tabs. 

NEW! The Horoscope Page. 

Highlight #3 - Calendar View!

Hope you find a fun planner that fits your personality... my co-worker says, "Well, Tracy that is you all bundled up into a calendar." haha Love it!  What's your favorite perks in your planner? Do you have a favorite brand/style? 

Happy Planning!

xo, trace

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  1. Wow, thanks for introducing me to these. They are so gorgeous and sure beat any agenda I've ever had!