Happy 30th Mols!

I wanted to do a special Saturday post today to wish a VERY Happy 30th Birthday to this girl...

The one and only, Ms Molly Vice!  

I don't know that there are words that could explain the pure sweetness that flows from this girl, each and every day. She is so full of love, gives the worlds' best hugs, makes you feel like you are the only thing important at that very moment and will always bring a smile to my face just by hearing her voice!  She always knows when you need a hug, or a glass of wine.... or a night on the town {with one two many Maker's}. She will never let you down when Wagon Wheel comes on the radio... and she'll always be ready to "buy that sofa" from any jukebox in town. haha

Let's just say, there are many people that come and go from your life... and I can certainly at test to that - but I know that Molly will forever by a part of my life!  I can remember the exact day Molly and I met - and I remember thinking that very day - I would love to be friends with that girl.  She's the girl you need around to make a business deal go down {or get a lease signed}, she's the one you want holding up your dress on your wedding day.... and singing right next to you on stage {any night of the week}, she makes the world's best roomie and the best burger on a biscuit you'll ever try!

She's sweet as pie and a Kentucky girl through and through.... Molly Vice, I don't know where I would be today with you!  Today I am sending you so much love and so many hugs... you will forever hold a special place in my heart and I will always be grateful for your friendship! Cheers to 30 and so many more great memories ahead!

Love you Girlfriend!!

xo, trace

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