The Foam Roller Workout

Happy Monday Y'all!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend.  We thoroughly enjoyed the sunny {and considerably warmer} weather!  I finally got into the garden, packed up Easter and also planted my wheat germ... I am excited to watch it grow over the next few weeks.  I'll be sure and keep you posted!  With April already in full-swing, I am trying to stay true to my 5-workouts-a-week-plan. But, I'm already getting board with the usual run, jog, walk, elliptical, yoga... so I'm looking for fun ways to switch it up this month.

On Sunday, we brought out the bikes and hit the trails for a long Sunday bike ride. It was beautiful weather and one heck of a work-out! A nice way to add something fun to our normal workout routine.  This week we decided we would bring back our morning workouts, so we could enjoy our evenings a little more.  We hit the gym at 6am {or really 6:30am} and hopped on a treadmill.  I picked up a copy of the April Shape magazine and was flipping through looking for something new to try and came across this Foam Roller workout.  Of course, I have seen lots of people using these in the gym - mostly super buff athletes - who know exactly what they are doing and look totally normal doing it.  I always would look at them and think, "what in the world? aka.. I would look so ridiculous doing that".

But, after seeing this plan, I finished my two miles and decided to try it.  I can't really don't too much weight lifting {unless I'm ready to bring back my softball thighs- ha} but I'm always looking for workouts that focus on length and strength. This was perfect!

I followed the 8 workouts this morning and loved it. I'll be adding this one to the routine for sure!  For those of you who have been scared of the foam roller like me - not to fret this one is super easy and doesn't make you look ridiculous.

Looking for other foam roller workouts? Try this one from Runners World.

Looking to purchase one at home?  Try this one from Amazon - free shipping for Prime Members!

Happy workouts ladies {and gents}!

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