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While trying to think of a fun topic for today's blog I was listening to my Pandora country station here at the office... and I starting listening to the lyrics... each song that came on instantly brought me back to  a happy memory, a sunny beach, a loud honky tonk... you get the picture.  Well, it just made me smile. Which gave me the idea for my blog today... why not write about music?  I know everyone can think back to high-school and the countless hours of MTV, VHI and CMT videos that were logged... over and over... singing along with every beat. Those were the days... the good days of television. When all I really wanted to do was catch the latest Dixie Chicks video or watching for hours to catch the new George Strait video release. Ha! O the good ole' times.

So, when is the last time you watched a music video?  Yea, they still make them!  Me, I watched a few today... but before then, it's been a while.  If you're like me, you get to work, open Pandora, pick a station your feeling at the moment, drop it to the bottom of your screen and only revisit it when you realize that it's really quiet and yes, Pandora I'm still Listening! Thank you.

Well, if you have a few minutes to spare, check out some of my favorite hot videos today:

The Band Perry - Postcard From Paris  Man, gets me every time. 

Lady Antebellum - Take me Downtown  I just wanna have a little fun...

Florida-Georgia Line - Cruise  I mean, I'll go for a ride! 

Darius Rucker - Wagon Wheel  {I can't listen to this song without seeing Molly's face smiling and singing at the top of her lungs... jammin' beside me at every Honky Tonk in Nashville} Love!

Luke Bryan - Drunk on You  

I just love the spins they put on these video's. So clever. AND, you never really hear the full song on the radio either and it's usually the best part.  Sorry no pop songs today... I'm feelin' my country blood comin' out!

Let's bring back the music videos folks... I'd love to go home, flip on CMT and watch for hours.

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