Project Simplify

TGIF!  Who else is TIRED???  Yes, I mean - just warm slap out. Go ahead, raise your hand.  Today, I'm feeling pretty good and actually productive for a Friday morning... even after a week of go-go-go. But, I'm a little tired too. I opened blogger just now to this great post from Marguis of Simply Clarke, who was guest blogging today for Kayln of Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever After. She hit the spot on her post today... Project Simplify. Lately, we have also been focused on trying to Simplify. Clean out. Organize. Give Away. Prioritize... and try to enjoy the simple things in life a little more frequently. My monthly to-do lists have really helped and J has gotten on board too. He always asks, what's left on your list this month? Which, he knows makes me happy and he enjoys most of my "wish list" projects and outings as well.  My April list is focused on giving back, enjoying the things {and people} we love and get some of those projects done we have been putting off.

But, I also love Simply Clarke's idea of the gift card pick-up.  You both head to Target {or Wally for us... wish we had a Target}, you each have $5 to spend on the other person.  This sounds like a super fun idea to put on the list each month. I think it would be a great time to focus on each other... and the small little things that we enjoy.. jewelry, socks, candles for me... tools, gadgets, books for him. Great idea... and you get a little happy too!

We've had a great week...

I tried this awesome Sloppy Joe recipe from Pinkie for Pink!
I served ours on whole wheat deli buns and added some fresh garlic to the meat. Otherwise - so easy, healthy and delicious!

We started the week off great with three early-morning workouts in a row. I know - I'm impressed too. But, we have the warm weather to thank for that. Running at 6:45am is beautiful these days! 

We pulled out our spring clothes and started packing away sweaters, coats, scarves and all that bulky stuff.  We also made it out to Irene's to have some items hemmed - check off the list! Spring is here. :)

Last night we met M&M in Staunton for dinner!  We tried a fun little Italian spot called Pompei Lounge (@ Emilio’s Restaurant) and took full advantage of the beautiful weather sitting outside on their open-air terrace.  We miss having them in Lex and I know it's hard to get away during the week - but so worth the 3 hours and catching-up and gabbing about our dream trips and what to do next.  

... and are looking forward to a fun Oyster Roast at The Lyons' Den tomorrow afternoon.  We ordered a bushel of oysters from a guy that drives them down from Northern VA... and we picked up a few items for the roast too...
Knives for Shucking / Shells for Baking / Gloves for Shucking

I can't wait to share pictures next week from our fun! Hope everyone has a Happy Friday and a fabulous weekend!

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