Snow Day Fun

Happy Snow Day & Friday!!! 

Since I am one of two people left in the office today I decided to share some of my favorite snow day traditions....

Watching pretty little birdies search for food. This morning a cardinal tuckered down right outside my window while the snow started pouring down. His bright red against the white snow was so pretty!

Snow Angels!  Now, who doesn't love watching someone make their first snow angel. For me... that was only a few years ago. When was your first angel?

Who doesn't love a good excuse to dress like they live at the north pole??

Hot Cocoa ~ good for the soul. 

...and a little something to warm up your tummy!  

What do you have planned for your snow day/weekend?  I'm hoping the roads are clear in the morning so I can scoot up the road to help some of my chapters with recruitment. Wish me luck!

Stay warm! 

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