Happy Birthday Mal Pal!

Today, a shout out to one of my Mango's... Mal Pal turns 29!!!  Love you sweet friend!!!

I know you are having a fabulous Birthday in the Big Apple with your wonderful hubs... BUT I hate the Mango's can't be there to celebrate with you... so I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorite memories {and a few laughs} with you...

Lynsey's Wedding... '09

Dance lesson from Mr. Jeff

Lyns' Rehearsal 

Mango 2012


Your B'ette!

Dot's B'ette

DI Mango

AU '05

SB '06

Beautiful Bride!

{Will you please look at my face - weird. ha!}

War Damn Mango's!! and HAPPPY BIRTHDAY Mal, I love YOU!!!! 

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