Good Eats this week!

I had a bit of a Pinterest study session last week and decided I wanted to try out some fun new recipes... all of which were excellent and really easy to make!

Spicy Sausage Pasta
We cooked this recipe exactly like it read and it was awesome!! 

Original recipe and picture can be found here.

Lasagna Roll-ups
We modified this slightly, using ground turkey with lots of spice and adding some spinach and mushrooms to get some veggies in... they turned out cute, but were kinda hard to make. I ended up just putting the noodles in cupcake tins and layering the ingredients inside. They were pretty good.

Original recipe and picture can be found here.

Perfect Potato Soup
I forgot to take a picture, but they turned out so pretty! We used turkey bacon instead of the real stuff and it was just as good. 

Recipe and picture can be found here.

Hope you enjoy as much as we did - bon appetite! 

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