Mardi Gras Traditions!

If you live on the eastern half of the US, then I'm sure your day has been just as dreary and wet as mine... it also kinda feels like it should be Friday {what a busy work-week}. Good thing tomorrow is a half-day for me... cause I'm packing my bags and heading south for Mardi Gras, y'all!  It's kinda fun to share your birth place with that of moon-pies, king cakes, beads, masks and revelries... that is none other than Sweet Home Mobile, Alabama!

My Dad's crew celebrates their 20th anniversary this year - nothing compared to some of the groups that are celebrating well over 250 this year - but it's still one of the best ball's in town! I promise to actually take lots of pics this weekend, so I can share next week. But today I thought I would share some things we're looking forward to most this weekend.

Pollman's King Cakes. One of the oldest bakeries in Mobile {and our wedding cake bakery} Pollman's is just about as old-school as they come and so are their king cakes. But, it really only feels right to have one {or a few} of these bad boys for the weekend!

Zapp's!  ...and not just any Zapp's... but Mardi Gras Zapp's and VooDoo Gumbo!   eeewwww-wweee, I can almost taste them!

The Mobile Excelsior Band. These guys know how to play some tunes!! Want a taste of your own - you can almost feel like you're in Mobile.

Mud Bugs Craw-tators!!! I'm ready for a big 'ol sack of Bayou la batre craw-tators.

Parades... and moon-pies, and beads, and cheesy stuffed animals, paper flowers, footballs, plastic cigars... and all the other junk you scream your head off for, just to give back to my Dad to thrown again next year. But, hey - it's kinda fun to act like a kid!

Most importantly, look forward to spending time with these folks....

Laissez les bons temps rouler!!! 

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