Happy AOII Day!

When I joined AOII at Auburn University 10 years ago, I really wasn't prepared for the wonderful adventurous ride ahead of me! To say that AOII has shaped who I am today would be an understatement. AOII has become more than just an organization that I joined to make friends... it's has given me more sisters... life-long friends... connections... jobs... travels and good memories than I ever imagined.  AOII is the reason I moved to Virginia, met my husband, got to call Music City my home, saw the Golden Gate Bridge, the Steel Magnolia House, Niagara Falls, Vegas, LA, New York, Texas, the mid-west... the west coast, experienced my first Chicago pizza and hot dogs, saw my first real cactus in the dessert and ate more types of food than I can even name. Today, I am ever so grateful for the 4 women above who gave me this joyous ride. To AOII's everywhere - Happy Founder's Day!!!

Keep your light shining! 

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