Umbrellas and the Weekend

Happy Monday! Is anyone else moving a little slow today? This gal is just ti-red. A weekend at home proved to be relaxing... but left me clinging to my pillow when that alarm when off this morning. Dreary days don't help... and we're not seeing much of the sunshine this morning in Lex.  Here's a little bit of happy to raise your spirits today.

Such a fun pic!  It was a great lil weekend at home. I had some contract work to get done, so the hubs did more than his fair share of cooking, cleaning, yard-work and chores. I am so grateful that he doesn't mind doing it all on his own sometimes.... and how encouraging he is when I am working on some pretty cool projects. Thanks love! 

We did manage to squeeze in a little fun too. Friday after work we went for a long run to see the new track at the middle school in town... big news folks! Then we ventured downtown for dinner at Southern Inn, followed by drinks at Haywood's. Both great places... and Southern Inn has a new strawberry, goat cheese salad that I'm sure every bistro in America is also serving right now. A-mazing!

Saturday the hubs worked in the yard all day... which involved cutting and weeding our yard, pulling plants from our old yard and transplanting them to our new yard... and cutting and weeding the rental. Full day in the yard... while I sat in front of my laptop working. (... and catching up on the Bachelorette... shhh, don't tell. I was working, I swear.) We tried out a new burger recipe Saturday night - the italian muffin burger.

Try this similar recipe

....and for Saturday date night, we watch The Lego Movie

So precious you guys. For kids and those of us adults that wish we were kids, a fun date night movie for certain.

Sunday we made it to mass and got then to the Country Club for 9 holes of golf. It has been the near perfect weather outside for about a week... I guess it was our turn for the rain to move in. Just need something else to get me motivated on these dreary days. Snugglin' with my coffee mug here at my desk wishing it was my bed.

Happy Monday!

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