Summer Suppers and Tequila Lime Chicken

I am 100 % a summer gal. I long for long days and warm nights on the deck, grilling out and watching the fireflies bounce around in the trees. Dusk is probably my most favorite time of day... cooking supper on the grill, and eating on the porch. Heaven on earth! Here are some of my favorite things that make for a cozy evening on the porch... along with a great meal we had last night, Tequila Lime Chicken.

This is one of my favorite summer recipes and an easy way to jazz up just plain ole' chicken! We modified the recipe below slightly, using OJ instead of Pineapple juice {it's what was in the fridge} and using breasts instead of thighs. The coating kept them nice and juicy! 

....and of course, some good sittin' music. 
One of my favs these days is Frankie Ballard's, Sunshine and Whisky. 

Happy Wednesday friends! 

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