Oh, hey Friday!

Has anyone else noticed that it's a crisp 78 degrees outside today? Umm.... yes, please! It feels amazing. So excited for Friday and a weekend at home. We have a whole lot of nothing planned, and I am so excited... for my feet up on the porch and a cool glass of vino in my hand. Heaven!  In jotting down my random thoughts for today, I came across the "Oh hey, Friday" link-up and thought I would join in the fun. So here goes my five on friday.


We had a guest at the Lyons' den for the week, which is always fun. Stu-dog was in town working and crashed with us. We tried out some fun new dishes for supper and just enjoyed catching up Monday/Tuesday.


Wednesday I hosted a girls' night Walk and Wobble. It was such a great evening with the gals...

I made these delicious lemon cupcakes to celebrate Kara's birthday! 

The ladies catching up after our walk with some sangria. 

Our spread.


...and we had a special guest join us too! Mary Mac made her first Walk and Wobble appearance all the way from C'ville. 

She loved her visit {of many to come, I hope!} to Aunt T and Uncle J's! It's always fun to catch up with the ladies... and the weather was just to die-for.


Last night we decided to hit up the Rockbridge County Fair to see John Anderson. Yes, straight tequila nights and seminole wind John Anderson indeed. 


We just had to stop on the midway for some corn dogs and chicken on a stick. 
mustache or chicken on a stick?

Stu, Jesse, and I soaking up the sights. 

Happy Friday friends! Hope the weekend in good to you and brings you an abundance of rest and joy.

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