Pineapples... Songs.. and Oh, Hey Friday!


I've been on a music kick this week. Maybe it's from watching and reviewing one too many recruitment videos - but either way, I know my bestie, Ale, would be so proud. Every year about month before my girls beach trip. {que the countdown - 33 days} I try and start listening to the new "trendy hipster music" so I can be "in the know" with Ale. {Love you, friend} So, if you have any suggestions... send them my way! 

Anyway, i'm loving this song today.


It's no secret that this gal loves pineapples... and may have quite a few of them on hand. However, when I saw this lil diddy on GroupDealz, I realized I didn't have a single piece of pineapple jewels. Ok, maybe that's an exaggeration. I do. Just not a necklace... and who doesn't love long gold chains. The price was right too - $4.99!


I picked up this lipgloss in a freebie pack last time I was at Sophora. I use the same Coralista blush and this lil guy is a perfect color too! I'm terrible at picking out and keeping up with lipgloss... maybe I can hang onto this guy. 


 We are heading to Charlotte for the weekend for a work trip for J. I am looking forward to a weekend away, some relaxation and fun!! B4B is tonight at Bank of America Stadium and I can't wait. This will be my first trip inside an NFL stadium. {can you believe it?} It's an auction for the hubs work, so if you're interested in bidding, you can join us online tonight! I'm secretly hoping for a sneak peak at Cam... or at least his locker.  A girl can wish, right??? 

FIVE. {we made it to Charlotte}
I just found me a cute lil lunch spot to sit down and blog. It's called Paco's Tacos in South Park, so adorable. The menu looks super yummy too! Did you know that yesterday was National Tequila Day? I missed out!

....but, happy hour starts at noon on vacation Friday's, right? 

Have a great weekend friends!


  1. I was just in Charlotte last weekend! I love the South Park area! Hope you have a wonderful time!

  2. please tell me you sucked down at least five of those glorious beverages...for 5 on friday, of course! :) and those pineapple necklaces are suuuuper cute! good find. thanks so much for linking up, gal!!