Our Thanksgiving Feast

Happy Turkey Day-eve!

I am most defiantly looking forward to a long Thanksgiving weekend ahead. The boss closed the office early today, so I'm heading to start the holiday break off great with a little papering at the salon!  It's been about 4 months since a haircut, so I thought it was about time.  Then it's home to start cooking - or the baking at least. We are having a big friends Thanksgiving dinner at the Hastings {thanks for hosting us all Jessie Lynn} tomorrow afternoon, so I thought I would share some recipes we are adding to the collection.

First up, a pumpkin pie and a chocolate pudding pie {the hubs childhood favorite}, neither of which I have ever made... so it should be interesting! I have these fun little pie crust shape toppers from J's mom that I wanted to use...

So at least they will look cute, right? 

I am in charge of appetizers, so with a little help from Southern Living this month I will be trying out some new treats.

For my side dish, I am bringing this heavenly butternut hash from April. We are frying two turkeys and baking one... lots to go around. Excited to spend the afternoon feasting and toasting with great friends! That is... after an early morning getting the Gobble Wobble set up and underway. The skies are supposed to clear-up for a chilly, but clear Thanksgiving Day Gobble Wobble. Come out a join us if you're in Lex!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend - we will be decking the halls on Friday at the Lyons' den. That means tree.. ribbons... packages... garland... Christmas cards.. stockings... egg nog... and the Chipmunks Christmas Soundtrack in the background. I can't wait to get all gussied-up for the Holidays. Until then, my heart will be filled with thankfulness and warmth for our abundance of blessings this holiday season...and always. Cheers!

Gobble Gobble!  xo, trace

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