5 on Friday

Happy Friday Y'all! I am so ready for a fun weekend ahead... we're heading to a Christmas preview after work today at our favorite local jeweler then out to an oyster roast with friends tonight. Saturday  is date night at an amazing local restaurant, that I can't wait to try!  Thanks to KJ and the hubs - I finally get to go. So pumped! There may be a bit of Christmas shopping and crafting on the books as well. Hope your weekend is filled with many blessings and fun!  Now on to my 5 on Friday.

{one} Thanksgiving Napkins

Aren't these the cutest napkins! I picked them up at TJ Maxx last month and was so happy to break them out this week. They help everyone remember the reason for the season!

{two} Time with one of my Bestie's! 

Stopped last night to crash with one of my besties... who didn't mind that I let myself in and crawled into bed close to midnight. I am so thankful to have them - and it truly was the best way to start off my weekend - coffee and catching up is so good for the soul! 

{three} Viv-vah-Chey Designs

If anyone is still looking for Christmas cards, Viv-vah-Chey does an amazing job!  Beth and I went to HS and College together and she is crazy talented! Check out her Facebook page for more items. She has some great christmas gift ideas.

{four} JFK

I brief reminder of today's 50th Anniversary. A very sad day indeed.  I just love this picture - it shows the tenderness in JFK that many never got to see. It is also a reminder that we are all human and even the President can enjoy a tea party or breakfast with his daughter.

{five} Oysters

Our good friends Suz & Walt are hosting an Oyster Roast tonight at their place on the river and I am SO excited to enjoy a little taste of the coast! It's so nice to have friends that enjoy the water and yummy seafood just as much as we do, all the way up here in the mountains! It takes extra work to get fresh seafood here...but worth every ounce! 

Have a very Happy Weekend!

xo, tracy 


  1. This might be my favorite "5 on Friday" edition to date! One of these days maybe I'll finally hop on the bandwagon and join you. Have a great night at Suz and Walt's and toss back some oysters for me! Cheers to the weekend sweet friend!

  2. I really wish I loved oysters. I've tried them a few times but can't get past the texture. Blah!