Back on the Plains

What a fabulous weekend it was to be home once again...in Auburn! Never did I imagine that when I decided where I would spend my undergraduate days {as a Senior in High School} did I think it could be one of the biggest {and best} decisions I could have ever made. From the very first time I stepped foot on the Plains, I knew it was where I belonged. When asked why I picked Auburn, I simply replied... I felt at home. 

And 11 years later, I still do. It's more than my home away from home, it's my second family, it's where I met some of my best friends, my bridesmaids and my mentors. I found my love for football, tailgating, sorority life, and giving back. The Auburn family is like no other, it's more than football and spirited chants... It's more than alumni pins and mascots. It's a way of life. If you've never experienced it, I promise you won't be disappointed... stop in and say hello, and don't forget to have a momma's love while you're at it. 

CWE 2005 Reunion. Camp was one of the most fun summers of my college days. It's an experience that really only those who are a part of it can understand. I have so much respect for each of these amazing men and women - and their love for our University! 

My college roomie and her little one. 
{Yes, the 7 year old... not the baby - we stole him for a pic, thanks Oliver!}

My freshman roomie and baby girl Hatch! 

With some of the Mangos and fam... out in the fields! 

Half of the Mangos.  Love these girls! 

Plus one baby Mango - celebrating a BIG Auburn win! 

Toomer's the next morning - photo courtesy of Mals. The trees may be gone {for now} but the Auburn spirit is very much still alive. Toilet paper was everywhere. 

Such a fun weekend on the Plains!  WAR EAGLE!!! 

xo, trace

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