CMA Top 5

Yay for Thursday!

You guys would be so proud, we had Salmon for dinner last night {my first time} and I loved it! It was actually pretty tasty - which could have been the Bourbon glaze - but still, I ate it. All.  That's big steps for this gulf coast gal... pink fish is just weird to me. But since J loves it, I'm happy I can cook it for him at home now - and eat it too!

After enjoying our delicious Bourbon Glazed Salmon, we turned on the CMA's. Let me just say that I love country music! Love the glitter, the sass, the cheesy love songs and the sad ballads.  They all just take me to a happy place. So I thought I would share my top 5 from last night:

1. Blurred Lines and the Duck Song - priceless. {sorry for the terrible Youtube, but It gives you an idea of how awesome it was. haha} I'm not sure Carries loved ole Willy gyrating up on her, but sure was great entertainment.

2. Loving Little Big Town's new hit, Sober. Wow. What a great song! They hit a home run with that one.

3. T-swift rocked Red... probs the best performance I have seen from her. What a cool award too... so good to see artists getting recognized for "keeping it classy" and not getting trashy. Sorry, don't mean to hate - just sayin.

4. Everybody's Got Somebody But Me, by Hunter Hayes is precious! His songs just make me want to get up and dance a jig {or two}.

5. Luke Bryan. Man. Drink a Beer just brings me back to my college days at home with my folks... sitting on the dock drinking a beer. The tribute to his brother and sister. Tears. I can't imagine... but some how I know that's exactly where I would want to be. His opening act with FL/GA line was pretty legit too.

BONUS...  how precious is George Straight? What a cutie... Even after all these years. Still going strong! Did anyone else watch Pure Country weekly because their mom was so in love with good ole George?? That would be me. Loved that movie!

I think I could have just re-posted the 3 hours of CMA's... but I thought I would save you the time and give you my own re-cap.  It's almost Friday... I'll be back to link of with the gals for 5 on Friday! Join us!

xo, trace


  1. i was loving the CMAs too! so much! i miiight've been cackling at the tv bc of brad and carrie. love them!! xx

  2. Super happy I cam across your blog! Did you make that salmon? Because it looks AMAZING...and now I am ridiculously hungry, lol!

    jess | Quaintrelle