Five on Friday

Happy Friday! Didn't want to miss 5 on Friday today with the ladies, so I'm blogging from the treadmill this morning before our conference. Hope everyone has a very happy Friday!!

{one} The Fig Bar
I grabbed a box of these last week for our trip and have been presently surprised at how tasty they are. They are all natural and only 110 calories for the two mini bars in each pack. A great mid-morning snack {and pastry deterrent during these long meetings}! 

{two} Real Simple 

I love my Real Simple magazine... It comes every month and I admire the cover, flip the through to see the beautiful layouts, read half an article and get too busy to finish. I packed it for my plain ride and was able read almost the whole magazine... which made me realize how much I miss my real simple time!

{three} Christmas Sheets

Picked up these cuties at Target last week and I can't wait to put them in the bed for Christmas!! I've always wanted to decorate our room for the holidays, finally found some cute Christmas sheets to make it happen!

{four} Mustache Pacifiers  
For all you mommas out there... this just made me crack up. I love it!! 

{five} The Auburn Creed

We are off to the plains tonight... And I couldn't be more excited to get back to my Alma Mater. I picked the creed today because it truly is the backbone of every Auburn man and women. It somehow become more than just words, but a part of your everyday actions while a student. I'm so proud to call myself an Auburn Tiger!! War Eagle!

xo, trace 


  1. I love Real Simple too!

  2. I adore Real Simple and just got my latest mag in the mail the other day!

    Okay, I'm seriously clicking directly over to Target to purchase those sheets. I need them in my life!

  3. LOVE thos mustache pacifiers! They also make really funny mustache beer bottle markers.