Five on Friday

Well, Hello November! Very excited to have you here today... and what a beauty you are. It's just the perfect fall day outside... and a Friday to boot!! Also, Happy All Saints Day for you Catholics out there. We had a fabulous October and I am so very thankful for a happy November ahead. You know the drill... it's 5 on Friday.

{one} Aztec Prints

I picked up a fun new scarf last weekend... and I am loving the aztec prints. Watch out wardrobe - you have some new kids in town to play!

{two} New Sheets

I finally splurged on some snuggly new sheets for our bed - and I can't believe I waited so long. It just makes it that much harder to get up in the mornings... bring on daylight savings, I'm tired of seeing pitch black skies at 6 a.m.

{three} Desktop Backgrounds

Maybe I am the only one... but does anyone else change their desktop background according to the season?? I just loving living in the season - even when I'm staring at my computer screen... since that usually consumes 8-10 hours of my day {only during the work-weeks}. If you're searching for a new look for November, meet Tidy Mom. She creates new fun backgrounds for your computer, iPhone, iPad, etc. Downloads are free too!

{four} Blacklist

I'm not really much for TV shows... and at first, I was very disturbed by this show... but I can not stop watching!! I want to know what happens with her husband... is he for realz?

{five} Good Health 

A little dose of thankfulness this week... I just wanted to share how grateful I am to have my health. Sometimes I complain to myself about the early morning workouts and achy body... and then I am reminded how lucky I am to have those. To have two legs that can run and a happy, healthy heart to enjoy this beautiful life. Thank you lord for blessing this family of ours with good health.

Looking forward to drinks with the boss after work today and then we're off to First Fridays tonight on Washington street. Hope everyone has a fabulous daylight savings weekend ahead!

xo, trace 

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