My Favorite Things: Stocking Stuffers

Happy Tuesday! Today I am linking up with Cheers Y'all and Down with the Dearmore's to share some of my favorite things, Stocking Stuffers Edition. I decided to go with a few items on the list for others this year. I love stuffings stockings... and always look forward to opening my stocking to see what little treasurers Santa brought me. :) 

A few of my favorite stocking stuffers for this year....

Happy Shopping!! 

Off to enjoy some #worksgiving today with the staff - the turkey bird filled the house with an amazing aroma this morning... I can't wait to have a taste at lunch! 

xo, trace


  1. The collegiate duct tape is too funny! I'm sure it would come in handy for tailgating decor too!

  2. Nest candles seem to be a hit. Some people maybe getting it for Christmas? :)

  3. Love that satchel! And wanting to smell the nest candle goodness!!! Thanks for linking up with us, sweet lady!! xx