Favorite Things via Classic Annie

Today I am following Classic Annie and talking about my favorite things! Who doesn't love talking about their favorites... I'm happy already, just thinking about them. The gorgeous weather outside doesn't hurt either!

favorite dinner
homemade pizza and a big salad

favorite book {currently}
anything by Dorothea Benton Frank

favorite summer cocktail
a Moscow Mule

favorite winter cocktail
Maker's Mark and Ginger

favorite song {at the moment}
If you want Some by Joel Crouse

favorite trip ever taken
This one is hard. We've had SO many. But our Honeymoon in Antiqua would have to be the BEST!

favorite job ever
Working the dock at The Oyster Bar - every summer of college. 

favorite indoor smell
Clean sheets!

favorite outdoor smell
Hands down BBQ on the grill. 

favorite day to spend a rainy day

favorite hangover food
A yummy brunch {with friends, laughing at our shenanigans the night prior}

favorite state I've visited but never lived in
Louisanna. Who can compete with the French Quarter? 

What are your favorites??

xo, trace

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