Wedding Wednesday: Engagement Pics

I'm back from San Antonio... and while I was hoping for a lot more free time to sleep, sunbathe, blog, run and enjoy some Tracy time... there really wasn't much time for any of the above. Other than my two afternoon naps after very early mornings.  The conference was great though and we enjoyed a TON of authentic mexican food!

Today, I thought it would be fun to jump on the Wedding Wednesday bandwagon and share something fun from our wedding planning - Engagement Pictures!  We are not really the "posted picture" type of couple... I sometimes wish we were, but we just feel silly, which makes for just really hilarious pictures  But, about three months after getting engaged {with Save the Dates already done} we decided one Friday that if we were going to take any,  we needed to do it before we lost our beautiful fall backdrop.

So we looked up photographers in Lex - found 3 and sent them all an email... "Are you free tomorrow to do an engagement session?" We got a reply back from one couple that does photography and lives in the area. They said they could meet us at 10am and it would only be $100. Talk about a STEEL!!  Looking back I am SO happy we did it and it was really fun too. Yes, we had lots of really hilarious and silly ones... but but found a few gem's in the lot as well!

Here are a few of my favorites...

If anyone is looking for a wonderful photographer in the Shenandoah Valley, check out Justo Photography. They were great to work with and made our session really fun.

Happy Wednesday!

xo, trace


  1. I have always loved these pics of ya'll...so candid but not cheesy:) Can't wait to see your beautiful, smiling faces this weekend!

  2. We never had any engagment photos made and I kind of wish we did. Yours are beautiful!

    1. Thank you! Looking back, we are so glad we did as well.... nothin fancy, just some fun memories to have!