St. Simmons in the Summertime

I'm back!! Sorry for my vaca from the blog, I've been a busy lil traveler the past two weeks. I wanted to spend a couple days telling you about our fun!

Two weeks ago we set off on our 9 day road trip for work and a lil fun. Our first stop was St. Simmons Island, Georgia. It was our first time to visit and we can't wait to get back! On our way down the coast we started a lil research about the Georgia coast and picked SSI on a whim. Being a Saturday night in June, rooms were hard to come by... but we lucked out with {what seemed like} the last room on the island at St. Simmons Inn. It was the perfect beach hotel! Good price, great location and free wi-fi and breakfast.

The first night we dropped our bags and found a dive bar called, Brogans. It was packed with college kids and wedding guests from the three weddings on the island that night {amazing what you can find out after calling every hotel on the island}. We enjoyed a couple hours of fantastic people watching before hitting the hay for the night.

Sunday was Father's Day, so we celebrated with sleeping in {which seems to be rare these days} and a stroll though the city park and pier, while we talked to our Dad's and brothers. What a cute waterfront area!

After a long run through the island found a neat BBQ spot called Beachcomer - a dive nestled behind "The Spot" where we picked up ice and snacks for the beach.

We spent the afternoon on the widest part of the island called Coastguard Station beach. It was packed with families and friends... so we joined in the fun in the sun!

Since I needed to be in Jax early on Monday, we had an early dinner at a new spot called The Half Shell. The food was A-Mazing and I loved the bar filled with Oyster Shells. After dinner we enjoyed a late night walk around town. The 300 year old oak trees were just gorgeous and filled with Spanish moss...

It was a nice lil day getaway and I'm so glad we got to experience a new spot {even if it was for a day}. For all you SSI vacationers, kudos on the pick, it's a great getaway!

Next up, family beach time...

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