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Each week a receive a weekly email from an organization called the Center for Nonprofit Excellence. It is a great member organization for non-profits... providing us with high quality training, resources and marketing for very low cost. I have been to several training workshops, but I really enjoy their weekly email that includes the "Must Read Articles" each week. Some are about fundraising, some are about design, marketings, etc., but a few are designed for the individual in mind. They focus on you as a person - which I believe is key to a successful employee. I believe if you take care of yourself, your job will take care of itself. I have been pretty blessed that by working in the nonprofit world, this seems to ring true for most of my jobs and positions. We don't make the most money, but they do take care of us.

Today, I read an article titled, "3 Ways to Start Every Day Better" from Inc. com. I loved it so much I wanted to share it with my blogger friends too.

In short, they say that most athletes go through a very rigorous routine long before they step on the field for that big game. And most of these athletes begin that routine the moment they wake up each and every day. It gets them "in the zone" or ready for success! I realize that we are not all athletes, but I think it would help us all be a lil' more productive to be "in the zone" every day.

Here are 3 steps to start your day off right and get you "in the zone":

1. Body - When you first awake, your body needs three things - water, protein and movement. Water, to start the hydration process {and working towards our 8 glasses we need each day} and moving fluids through your body. Protein, even if it's a scoop of peanut butter or a protein shake, it should be the first food we eat. Movement, gets the blood moving, clears your mind and releases enegery. Sometimes we don't have time for that 30 minute run or hour spin class, but just 10 minutes of stretching will do the trick as well.

2. Mind - Your mind needs to be focused or you will find yourself getting nothing done and wasting time. Most of us have a dozen things on our list to get done every day {I feel ya} but they say if you can focus your energy on just one big thing for the day - you will get it done and feel more successful. So, take the little things and combine them to one big task and focus on it.

3. Spirit - Part of getting "in the zone" is aligning your core energy and emotions. Take control of them by filling your mind with gratitude. Being grateful, aware of all you have, will get you in the zone. Try starting your day greeting the first people you see, a loved one, co-workers, the guy at the coffee shop. They will feel your graciousness and it will make for a better start to the day for everyone!

To be a top performer each and every day, put yourself "in the zone" and see what happens! Happy Thursday folks. It's almost the weekend.

xo, tracy

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