Thursday Thoughts

Back to the grind.. well, really that was yesterday... but I was so slammed with work that I don't think I even go up from my desk to use the restroom. I'm getting caught up and decided I needed a break. Next week I am in charge of a National Conference in St. Louis, and the details are just overflowing like crazy... I do love it though. Just wish I didn't have to do my REAL job on the side as well. ha!

We had an amazing weekend in Mob town and P'cola with the familia. The kids are just growing... growing... growing... and talking up a storm!  The sweetest sound in the world is hearing Aunt Tracy in a sweet lil voice. :) Friday we checked out the P'cola Crawfish Festival in downtown, but the rain ran us out and we picked up our own spread from Joe Patties and took it back to the heezy for a Friday Feast!

Saturday we visited with the Elleard kids to celebrate Landon's 6th Birthday! I can't believe this baby is so big... but still a heart as sweet as can be. Love you sweet boy!

Saturday night we celebrated with the Kelly fam at my Godfather's wedding... Sharon made Emi and Lucas beautiful outfits... and my parents booked the whole family rooms at the Battlehouse Hotel.  SO beautiful!!  We can't wait to get back and explore more!

Sunday I was so excited to take Jesse to mass at the Cathedral in downtown Mobile. The stained glass windows are just gorgeous... and the choir makes mass so beautiful!  After mass we headed across the bay to check out a house my brother & sister made an offer on. It's in a perfect location... great neighborhood and schools, close to my parents and Mobile for Rob's work. I'm sending them lots of good vibes... and hoping all works out. Can't wait to start decorating!!

Sunday was a fun Cinco de Mayo celebration - as you could tell from my earlier post. We spend the last few days home outside soaking up the sun... at the playground, in the yard, at the beach - you name it. We enjoyed our vacation time with the fam. Just a few pics from the adventures...

Hope everyone is having a great week! We finally have some pretty weather in Lex... it's been raining since last week {from what we hear}, so the garden's are growing like crazy... we're happy for some sun to dry things out! I'm looking forward to a fun night at Relay tomorrow night and a relaxing weekend at home before we head to St. Louis!

Also wanted to share a yummy recipe we are trying out tonight:

Crab Stuffed Tilapia

Recipe can be found here

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