Happy 2 Years!

Today marks 2 years... 104 weeks... 370 days... {you get the point} since we said our "I do's" and to tell you the truth it's been a really fun 2 years!! We have been beyond blessed to both have great jobs, great friends, an awesome church and community, wonderful supportive parents and a happy, healthy family!

Most of all, these past two years have been just plan happy. I'm so lucky to have married such a selfless, kind and wonderful man who always thinks of others before himself and has a heart bigger than anyone I know. Thank you to his wonderful momma for raising him to be so gracious, because I am reminded each every day at just how lucky I am.

We are off to Hotel Roanoke tonight for a celebration!  Just wanted to share some of my favorite memories from our wedding weekend that may not have been the most professional, but defiantly the most fun!

One of me and my pops that Steph snagged... since Dad didn't make it for any of the formal "getting ready" pics... he was out making signs, go figure... I wanted to include this one! 

Paw Paw was in rare form...

Cake anyone?

PawPaw gettin' low

Clearly we needed sunglasses... and a robot?!?

I believe this is the only picture we have from us actually leaving the reception... thanks Jen! 

Cheers to May 21st!  Now, off to pick up my groom at the Airport and celebrate... like it was 2011! 

xo, trace

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  1. I want to go to your wedding AGAIN! so much fun! Ya'll are both so special to me! xoxox and happy anniversary!!!