Friday Favorites

Happy Friday and Memorial Day weekend! 

We are looking forward to a fun celebratory weekend around Virginia... we have some golf on tap, time at the lake, cookouts, {maybe some fireworks}, sunshine, homemade ice cream and celebrating the country club pool opening!  Now what could be more American than that line-up? I hope everyone has some fun summer-time traditions on tap! 

Today, I just wanted to share some of my favorites from this week...

Peonies are everywhere in Lex. 
Including on my desk. Thanks to KJ!

 from my Cousin Jeanne, who spoke at our conference last week in St. Louis. She brought us a big box, and Saturday night we celebrated by polishing off almost the entire box with a bottle of champaign. 

Bring on the summertime. I just finished reading said book below where they ate these like every other meal, and I'm totally ready to pack my bags and move to Sullivan's Island - right. now.  Please!  Any takers? 

Dorothea Benton Frank might be my favorite author. I first picked up one of her books, Isle of Palms, just after graduation when I was 98% sold on moving to Charleston. My brother lived on Isle of Palms when he was stationed in the Navy, and the first time I stepped foot into the low-country I was in love! I started reading every book of hers I could get my hands on, and just found this one last week at the library. If you're looking for a quick, fun read that will take you strait to the land of Gullah and Grits. Pick up one of her books. I promise they won't disappoint.

Summer Shandy.
I'm pretty much in love... where have you been all my 8 years of legal drinking life? haha

Have a very Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone! 

xo, trace

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  1. LOVE the summer shandy and seeing you last week!